Working Clock in 0.15

This board is to show, discuss and archive useful combinator- and logic-creations.
Smart triggering, counters and sensors, useful circuitry, switching as an art :), computers.
Please provide if possible always a blueprint of your creation.
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Working Clock in 0.15

Post by 98coolmen » Sun Jun 04, 2017 10:50 am

Ive created a Clock in Factorio that shows you the time of your savefile. This is a updated version of my original desing:
For more info watch this Video of the old desing:
Here the english video:
Here the German video:
How to:
1. build the clock
2. put at least 10 wooden chests makred in the pictures below.
3. look at your savefile time.
4. put for every didgit the amout into the chest over the marked one. (NOTE: the order of the chest are inverted and for setting the one secouds just pasue the mashine)

For the Time 012(h):34(m):30(s)
put it inverted so : 3,4,3,2,1,0 (you cant set the one secount so let them out)

Blueprint String
put the wooden chests above the hazzard concrete
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