[MODED] Loader/Unloader Balancer

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Smart triggering, counters and sensors, useful circuitry, switching as an art :), computers.
Please provide if possible always a blueprint of your creation.
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[MODED] Loader/Unloader Balancer

Post by Pontiac »

[LONG post -- But this goes through my process as this is the longest I've played a particular Factorio map. As this is a long post, I've use the SPOILERS tag generously]

Yes, this is modded. Prior to my coming to the forums to see what other station balancers are out there, I came up with my own version based on modded Factorio. I've put just about 178 hours into this particular map, and is a brand new map for 0.15. I'm learning the new blueprint system (Which is frig'n fantastic) and starting to dig into the combinator system. So part of what I'm doing with this process is coming up with blueprints for outposts and delivery stations that can be stamped with minimal modifications to get them to run, PLUS, built in safeties so the delivery stations don't start making requests for trains until I set a particular variable in the deciders.

Relevant Mods used:
- Loader Redux
- Warehousing
- Logistic Trains (*)
- The FAT Controller
Problems to be fixed
So what the builds are;
The first image is a line chart showing the pathing for the two networks that makes this work. The first network I'll describe is the balancing network.
Balancing Acts
Calling All Trains
Blueprint Strings:
LTN Network Combinators
I'll update this post with the warehouse setup string if anyone is interested.

This is my first multi-purpose real combinator setup. With LTN, I always make sure that my off loading stations are at the capacity I require.

(*) Logistic Trains isn't absolutely necessary. I know that with Vanilla (now) that I can prevent trains going to a particular station so you can copy/paste schedules between trains, but, it becomes a pain when you're dealing with 20 trains.

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Re: [MODED] Loader/Unloader Balancer

Post by steinio »


i made the same without loaders in this way:
This setup can also be used for multiitem stations because all items are equalized.
Wiring and combinator setup
Ingame preview
Blueprint string
Transport Belt Repair Man


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