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[mod 1.1] NPUtils_LITEv2

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wasn't sure if i ever release it, but here it goes:

The beginning, started with tweaking NPUtils to make it smaller, only leave what i though is useful.
To balance it even more then to make it compatible with every big mod there is.
Then shifted focus, started adding little features from different mods when their licenses allowed for modified distribution.

Main goals
  • No new ores.
    This is a side mod.
    A step back approach, instead of forcing a feature, make it optional.
    It has to work with major mods.

with a lot of time, game updates(first private version i created was in 0.18), a lot of fixing, balancing, adding game settings, new features - decided maybe its good idea to share it.

Any feature listed in here can be disabled in game settings. :!:

scripts and existing game feature changes:
  • inventory size
    run speed toggle
    inserters don't require power
    biters self damage when attacking
    far reach
    bot speed bonus
    tile stack size
    longer vehicle lights
    productivity fix
    longer range turrets
    pipe pressure (allows higher throughput)
    construction bot start

buildings, items and such:
(yes all can be disabled in game settings)
  • ore processing(iron, copper, steel) allowing for 2x 3x output
    separate oil production
    seed growing -> lubricant, wood, petroleum gas
    circuit makers (assembler like machines exclusive for circuits only)
    oil powered furnace
    electric furnace
    burner assembler(for high difficulty modpacks)
    water based turret and sniper turret
    special addition of 'biter grenade' go check it out!
    2 early game, interesting recipe, modules which are ~decent
    2 late game productivity modules which are actually balanced
    2 assemblers (no crazy speeds unless using modules)
    special power generator
    1:1 vanilla wagon but with higher capacity
    2 logistics (belts splitters)

All of the above can be toggled in game settings. :!:
but there is more, here is a list of features which(for now?) stay always enabled.
  • special assembler which is very small(1x1), fast, but the catch is it can only craft 1 ingredient recipes
    water machine allowing you to get water anywhere on the map
    oil based power generator
    seed production
    polution cleaner
a lot of stuff, here is comparison ONvOFF
Image Image
Image Image
Image Image

Licensing and permissions:
see LICENSE.txt file inside .ZIP
while the mod is listed under specific license, some parts are exclusively provided by respective mod authors under their own permissions and licenses.

such as but not limited to:
(can provide proof of permission to edit and share part of the mod)
base of the mod by 'kaueNP'
Special THANKS to everybody!

link: https://mods.factorio.com/mod/NPUtils_LITEv2
author: MdRuz

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