[MOD 0.16.x] Ghost Component Construction/Destruction

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[MOD 0.16.x] Ghost Component Construction/Destruction

Post by m3henry » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:25 pm


This is a proof of concept at the moment, to see if it worth figuring out how to fully implement it and what that might look like. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

This mod allows a player to construct an entity using the items which would craft the entity.
The idea was suggested a while ago and it has existed as a core mechanic in Space Engineers for a long time.

How To
Place an entity ghost using a blueprint or by shift-clicking with the item in-hand.
If the entity is within range of the player and the player has sufficient items to craft the entity. Construct it and consume the items.

Mining an entity will yield the items used to craft it.

  • When placing a ghost, construct the entity using the items which craft it.
  • Placement is range-limited as usual.
  • Placement requires the player have sufficient items to craft in their main inventory
  • Placement consumes the required items from the player's main inventory
  • When mining an entity, yield the items used to craft it.
  • The player must have access to the recipe for component construction/destruction to work.
To Do
  • Recipe selection - Currently assumes the placed entity has the same name as the recipe used to craft it. - Use `items_to_place_this` instead.
  • Full inventory? - Currently does not check to see if the player can accept the items.
  • Robots? - Would require tracking of what has been placed so far and instructing robots to bring components instead of the item. (Hard?)
  • Make this the default for construction? - Not sure if that is possible without engine support

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