[MOD 0.16] Hand Crank 0.1.0

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[MOD 0.16] Hand Crank 0.1.0

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Hello all :) This is my first mod and first submission, so hello!

This is a simple hand crank generator that can be used by continually running into the front of it. Produces 10kW while in use.

It isn't much, but I have run into situations before where a resource outage or perhaps a biter invasion knocked out a power plant that was otherwise entirely self-sufficient, to the point where, if only there was a tiny enough amount of power, the inserters could add the first pieces of fuel to the fire to get the plant up and running again.

I decided to endeavor making a mod, and this is the result :) I had a lot of fun making this, and all of the code and assets can be found on the Github repository. I realize there's another hand crank mod out there, but I wanted to make one from scratch just for fun.

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