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Re: [MOD 0.13.17+] Rampant - 0.17.26

Post by Veden » Tue May 21, 2019 12:27 am

cameroon wrote:
Mon May 20, 2019 10:43 am
Any of the groups in radar coverage appear static (at least visually). Never tried to see if I can like reveal the map to see what other groups are doing.
Still don't see anything in the radar coverage or outside of it.

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Re: [MOD 0.13.17+] Rampant - 0.17.26

Post by FuryoftheStars » Tue Jun 25, 2019 11:45 pm

Is it possible to have the biters avoid running enmass all through a simple line of fire? Not asking for them to be made afraid of it (well, maybe afraid if it’s essentially an inferno)/completely unable to walk through it, but maybe somehow make them less likely to want to path through?

What I’m seeing now is when a large group attacks and some sort of weapon is used that starts fire, they just all continue right through the flames when they should just repath a little around it.

I realize what you can do with the AI may be limited and so this may not be possible, but figured I’d throw the suggestion out there.

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Re: [MOD 0.13.17+] Rampant - 0.17.26

Post by Kaiku » Wed Jun 26, 2019 2:15 am

I have some feedback after having played with this mod for many hours in my current playthrough. First off, it's fantastic. It gives the enemy some much needed variation, and the new weapon options in Rampant Arsenal are all really interesting to play around with and look awesome.

I do wonder how exactly the 'raiding' and 'siege' settings work. Early on in my world I was repeatedly getting attacked by biters from way, way outside the pollution cloud. I had some mixed feelings about that, as, while I enjoyed some of the pressure and lack of safety, I also believe that a small or well defended cloud should be rewarded by fewer biter attacks.

Eventually I turned the 'raiding' and 'siege' settings off, as I believed those were responsible, but I'm still getting attacks from way out there. Is it possible that changing these settings after startup have no effect? Or am I misunderstanding them? I'm also unsure about the 'onslaught' setting. What exactly does it mean, what triggers it, and how often can it happen?

As for the feedback; I find the suicide biters to be incredibly weak, both in health and damage. Their low health is understandable given they ought to be quite dangerous when close, but the damage they deal is very pathetic. They're not even worth the bullets to kill them, as when they explode en-masse on something like a tank, its healthbar doesn't even move. Troll biters are, on the other hand, incredibly tough. They seem to have something like ten times the health of the other types, which feels like a large anomaly. Regardless, they die easily enough to not be a large issue. The only noteworthy other type is the inferno spitter, who one-shots everything they manage to spit at because the fire does ridiculous damage and stays forever.

There are some types I don't think I've seen yet, namely the nuclear and laser biters.

The HE artillery shells seem far better than any of the others (excluding nuclear, although they are comparable) as they have both high damage and a very large AOE. The bio shells are better against the physical biter nests, but since that's the only type they're better against it's not really worth making them. The incendiary shells are by far the weakest as they usually don't even kill nests. Perhaps they could still be interesting if they, for example, had a bigger AOE than HE shells, so as to specialize them in biter killing rather than nests.

I'm not using any of the bullets, as the uranium ones seem better or at least more versatile. The HE ones are pretty good too, except that there are better options than bullets when it comes to dealing AOE damage. I think the same is true for the tank/cannon shells, with the uranium ones being superior.

The cannon and rocket turrets have a nasty habit of blowing up your own defenses when biters attack right at the edge of their semi-circle range and get close. It makes the turret turn almost 90 degree and shoot parallel with the defensive wall, blowing massive holes in it. It caused me a lot of hassle in repairs, (re)placements, until I sadly decided that it would be more convenient to just not use them. I'd probably like them better if their minimum range was even larger and/or attack angle a bit more narrow to prevent such self-destruction. It can be solved somewhat by placing them ahead of the wall in little alcoves/cubicles, but that weakens the entire defense as everything else will be out of range.

The advanced beam turret and advanced laser turret are both very strong and make for very easy, hassle-free, and cheap defenses. Sure, my factory flickers a little when a bunch are shooting at the same time, drawing multiple gigawatts, but that's not really an issue.

That's... about all I can think of right now. For additional biter variation, I have been pondering what a long range, siege-type biter would be like, sitting outside the defense and lobbing long range projectiles at it. They'd have to be rare and do quite low damage (and be inaccurate?) so as to not cause an instant emergency each time, but will require you do deal with it eventually, by either moving out or shooting your own artillery at it. I think it'd be fun, though I could also see it being more of an annoyance than anything else.

Oh, I'm playing with Space Exploration as well, and the other planets have only vanilla biters. I didn't expect such compatibility, of course. Just thought I'd mention it.

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