non official facebook community hope you will help os

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non official facebook community hope you will help os

Post by OneViking » Sat Jan 02, 2016 10:13 pm

hello all

thx for taking the time to take a look :)

wee are now a few people on face book called Factorio Group :) i know the name but it is simple :)

wee hope to be some more that get on so at some point we can be a big non official community of Factorio so all can make a post and find some to play whit.

i hope some of you all will give it a try. but still one one will force you :)

the admin staff are buying copies of the game to give it some of the few that are in need of money so all can support this epic time spending game so it will grow more :)

Face book link here : ... 0/?fref=ts

more info reply here come to face book

best regards OneViking

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