Donations and Chocolate Fund

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Donations and Chocolate Fund

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Angels Mods

I. Angels Infinite Ores
II. Angels Refining
III. Angels PetroChem
IV. Angel's Smelting
V. Angel's Bio Processing
VI. Angel's Components
VII. Angel's Logistics
VII. Angel's Addons
IX. Angel's Triggers

X. Development and Discussion
XI. Bugs & FAQ
XII. Donations and Chocolate Fund

I take the motivation and enjoyment to make my mods from the fun it is imagining, researching and creating things for a game I love to play. That will always be my premise, I make these mods and everything I contribute to others because I have fun doing so and also because I also enjoy watching other people and player struggle with what I created. A bit ego centric you say? Maybe but that's where my motivation and the drive to do these mods come from.
I always underline that I appreciate each and every contribution someone has to make may it be critique, bug reports, development proposals or the many creation you come up with.

So I have to say thank you! And even more so if you decide to show your appreciation or want to support me through a donation of some kind. I do these things in my free time and I will continue to do so,
but I also have to manage what else comes up in my life and of course have to appease the miss' when I spend time in front of the computer instead of spending time with her :P
So if you feel generous and want to show your appreciation, you can donate to the chocolate (and others) fund to help me put my GF mind at ease and sweeten my time developing new evil ways to enhance angel's mods.


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