Angel's Addons

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Angel's Addons

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Angels Mods

I. Angels Infinite Ores
II. Angels Refining
III. Angels PetroChem
IV. Angel's Smelting
V. Angel's Bio Processing
VI. Angel's Industries
VII. Angel's Addons

X. Development and Discussion
XI. Bugs & FAQ
XII. Donations and Chocolate Fund

Angel's Addons
Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

-6 warehouses (1 "chest" and 5 logistic versions)
-1 technology to unlock them
-warehouses have 768 (regular and storage)/512 (all other logistics version) inventory slots (they are glorified chests)

Download: Modportal

Ore Silos
-6 ore silos themed to fit with the ores from angelsores and angelsrefining
-1 technology to unlock them
-Silo have 256 inventory slots (they are glorified chests)

Download: Modportal

Pressure Tanks
-1 Pressure Tank
-Holds 35k fluids)
-Recipe gets added to Petrochems Fluid Control Technology
Hint: Best used in combination with pumps to fill and empty

Download: Modportal

Petrochem Train
-1 locomotive, 2 tank wagons
-Petrochem themed

Download: Modportal

Smelting Train
-1 locomotive, 1 locomotive tender, 1 cargo wagons
-Smelting themed

Download: Modportal
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