New start. Artillery_War

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New start. Artillery_War

Post by kaiflife »

After 800 hours at the railworld, I lost interest. Save is too big, no work for my artillery, and my "X rocket per minute" goal is done.
So now I want a new start with bigger goal and some real job for artillery.
So here on the pic my map settings.
Resources. Rare, but large and juicy resource packs, balanced for uniform flow, if I did it right. Uranium? Not a fan of Reactors. Nuclear fuel is the only one good thing.
Terrain. Love big and rare lakes. Trees, hate them, but there neaded for the first time. Cliffs, naaah. And I hate sand.
Enemy. BIG AND JUICY, hell yeah, let's start a war! But not at the beginning, need some peace time to produce shells before spreading democracy.
Mods: "Production Statistics Monitor HUD", "VehicleSnap" and "Auto Deconstruct". They are just such handy, can't play without them.
What do you guys think? What would change and which mods added? It is important to me, it will be a long run.
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Re: New start. Artillery_War

Post by astroshak »

Just a pair of QoL mods, but I like to use Bottleneck and Squeakthrough.

The first one shows a red/yellow/green light depending on whether the machine is resource-starved, backed up, or working fine. The second allows for easier movement around your factory.

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