[Trains] Set a train stop to only accept 1 train?

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[Trains] Set a train stop to only accept 1 train?

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It is difficult to manage trains for extremely large automation systems. Is there some way to use train stops so that it will actively called only a single train to itself, and when occupied, no other trains will try to go to that same station?

Ideally the goal is:
- 50 trains assigned for copper loading, 50 trains for iron loading, 10 trains for stone loading, etc.
- All load stations of one type have the same name but can only call 1 train at a time to them. "{L} Copper"
- Full trains wait at an unload stacker "wait depot" to unload, with its own train stop. "{Wait} Unload stacker"
- Trains unload at an unloading stations that only accept 1 train per stop. "{U} Copper"
- After unloading, the trains enter a "wait depot" to reload, and sit there until a single slot opens at a loading train stop on the map. "{Wait} Reload stacker"
- When a load station is unoccupied and needs a train, multiple trains can be assigned to it but only one will go to it at a time.

Generally I don't think this is possible without some sort of soft-mod of the game's default rail logic, to limit the number of trains that can be called to a train stop.

Train stop: Fnordland
Number of trains to call to this station:
* Unlimited (default)
* Specify: ___ (at least 1)

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