Generating resources mid game?

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Generating resources mid game?

Post by Ghostwheel » Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:57 pm

Hey folks, I made a map in map editor and in order to construct a mega base I disabled all resources and biters. Now I'm at a point where I'm realizing manually placing all the resources doesn't make sense. I'd just like the map to auto generate them like when you first create a map. I'm googling around and I found a way to possibly do it in a hex editor, but that was a couple years ago. Were now on .17. Is there a way to do this that anyone is aware of?

That old reddit post for reference: ... d_game_in/

EDIT: Found my answer -

Save your game.

Open the console, and type /editor

If prompted, type it again to confirm you're OK with disabling achievements

You now get the in-game map editor, which is new in 0.17; to be exact, it's new that you can run it in-game, and it also has several new features compared to 0.16 and before.

In the Map Editor GUI in the top left, click the Surfaces button - it's the leftmost icon on row two

Now click Edit map gen settings

Now change your settings as desired - turning back on biter bases, resources, whatever

Click Confirm when done

Now close the Map Editor again in the same way you opened it: bring up the console and type /editor

These updated map gen settings will apply for all newly generated chunks from this point forward.

If you want to speed that process up, there's another button in the Map Editor->Surfaces UI that might be of interest: Remove empty chunks. That would clear out all chunks with no entities/tiles in them, making it quicker to get new chunks with the updated map settings.

If anything goes wrong or you make undesirable settings, you can just reload your save from step 1. If all is OK, save the game (to a new filename, I'd suggest).

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Re: Generating resources mid game?

Post by slippycheeze » Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:41 pm

You probably want the pre-written version of it,

edit: Possibly combined with

...or just to start a new map, TBH. I don't know why you chose that strategy, but I don't think it is really necessary to use the map editor in order to be capable of building a "mega" base.

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