Are Additional Heat Pipes Required for the Outputs of Adjacent Nuclear Power Plants?

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Re: Are Additional Heat Pipes Required for the Outputs of Adjacent Nuclear Power Plants?

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oyunbagimlisi wrote:
Thu Nov 25, 2021 3:52 pm
I first store the steam with the steam tanks. The reactors shut down when the steam reaches ''240k''(2X2)/'1M''(2X4). The charge percentage is also connected to the switch, with a default setting of 20% depending on usage. However, I find the return of an experienced player important and valuable.
I have spend many hours with nuclears, I find it fun. You also could find my "Perfect clover leaf plant" in other section here on forum. It is with complete documentation so you could find some tips there. One tip on top I see serious mistake, steam flow is far more challege than it seems. You want to create stright flow of steam. e.g. steam production directly conected to steam consumption (turbines). Storage of steam between is mistake. You need to reposition tank after the turbines OR plase them on the other side, before heaters. So flow is stright. It is probably better to draw a picture to get the idea :oops:

Also heat pipes need to be as short as possible. Directly from core to heater. For same reason, re-start and steam reserve. Longer heatpipe means more steam reserve, means more steam tanks. Also heatpipes are the biggest heat storage so you want to reduce it to make the system more responsive.

Full tank in steam flow works as cork plug. So when you plan that steam tank improve reserve it works opposite. Steam tank in wrong position creates need for more steam tanks.

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