ART with concrete and stuff.

Art that you have created yourself (draw, paint, craft, cosplay, video, wallpaper, ...) with and around Factorio.

NOT for screenshots or videos of the actual game and discussions around them (for that, see "Show your creations").
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ART with concrete and stuff.

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This is my first time messing around with "ARTCRETE" as I like to call it.
I got tired of looking at dead space around my starter base so I decided to postpone my first megabase and work on beautification!

This thing started as a sword and then ended up kinda like a Aztec carving chewing on the rails....with decorative heat pipes for pizaz O yeah!
Entrance art2.jpg
Entrance art2.jpg (297.36 KiB) Viewed 3513 times
Entrance art1.jpg
Entrance art1.jpg (610.66 KiB) Viewed 3513 times

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