[Typeface] Full Automation - Factorio's logo but a font?

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[Typeface] Full Automation - Factorio's logo but a font?

Post by landmine752 »

This is a project I've been sitting on for quite awhile. I've made some tweaks over time, tried to make things more unified, and now I'm releasing it.
Full Automation - A Factorio Inspired Typeface
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What is Full Automation?
Full Automation is a typeface based on the Factorio logo. It features thick strokes and bold cuts in the letter forms, and is intended for use in headlines, titles, or logos. Inspiration also comes from early computers/science fiction and bit of geometric letter design.

Full Automation includes 2 versions: Full Automation Regular and Full Automation Squared. Both feature capital versions of all 26 letters, 10 numbers, and 21 symbols.
FullAutomation-Test Sheet2.jpg
FullAutomation-Test Sheet2.jpg (80.56 KiB) Viewed 518 times
What is Full Automation Squared?
If you take a look at the Factorio logo you can see the top and sides of the letters. The logo is rendered at an angle, like everything in-game, giving it a 3D look. Each letter also fits nicely into a grid of squares.

Full Automation is made from a flat perspective, not an angled 3D perspective. This creates the bold horizontal strokes and tall forms. Full Automation Squared is more representative of the Factorio logo as it appears: shorter, more uniform and compact.

For a more technical answer: Full Automation Regular glyphs use a 1:1.38 grid; this is what you would see looking down upon the Factorio logo. Full Automation Squared uses a 1:1 grid; this is accurate to the Factorio logo you see, which is rendered at an angle.

What font is the Factorio logo?
The talented Albert, Factorio's Art Director, custom made the Factorio logo back in 2013 to replace the initial logo that used Sylar Stencil. However, there has always been interest in Albert's work that keeps popping up every once in awhile. Years later, Full Automation was created independently as an unofficial option, with input from Albert.

There are minor differences in Factorio's logo and Full Automation to help the font look and read nicer, but you probably can't tell what those differences are.

How can I use it?
Pairing fonts: Full Automation works best when used as a title or headline. It's not meant to be used for long, dense paragraphs of text. What I would recommend is using Full Automation as a heading and use Titillium or DejaVu Sans for the rest. Factorio uses both of these fonts in it's UI, so the end result will still resemble Factorio to a degree.

Licensing: Full Automation is published under the Open Font License. It is freely available for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Where can I find it?
At the moment, I've only published it here - attached to this thread. You can find a link below or at the top of this post. I will update this thread if otherwise, but if you find it elsewhere it probably wasn't by me.

If you have any feedback, feel free to share it. I'm no typographic expert, and this is my first published typeface, so feedback would be appreciated.
Full Automation.zip
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Re: [Typeface] Full Automation - Factorio's logo but a font?

Post by JasonC »

Wow; beautiful. Really cool font, even generally speaking. Sexy and readable, and really appreciate the consistent look of each character. Thanks a lot for this.

Feedback: A special character for the gear; maybe the asterisk?
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