[Music-clip] Funky Lad Engineer

Art that you have created yourself (draw, paint, craft, cosplay, video, wallpaper, ...) with and around Factorio.

NOT for screenshots or videos of the actual game and discussions around them (for that, see "Show your creations").
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[Music-clip] Funky Lad Engineer

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(38.67 MiB) Downloaded 20 times
Drone POV after landing on a planet who visibly is already home to some dj engineer, still searching for the source of the music ....
( wobbly camera warning )

Video made with FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin
Effect author credits:
Dry Rocky Gorge - Shane (converted by Youlean & StevenM) https://www.shadertoy.com/view/lslfRN
Youlean Audio Shake - Youlean
Dubswitcher Starburst - Dubswitcher
Polar - Kjell, Dubswitcher

Music made with Suno AI Limewire, openvino plugin in audacity and FL studio

Inspiration to put those together is the FFF revealing Gleba

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