7 Slots for Spaceship

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7 Slots for Spaceship

Post by burninghey »

give Spaceship 7 slots rather than 5
I like to use this setup, but it's only viable as long as you are still at 5 different science packs. Need 7 slots to continue this to endgame.
How it works: count incoming and outgoing science packs and keep them below 1 stack size in spaceship
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Re: 7 Slots for Spaceship

Post by PanTobi »

Lol u can use Space Ship as Storage? xD
tbh. i don't like this ship and "New Game Intro"... its annoying xD

Maybe instead of 7 slots make it keep it 4 or 5 slots idk how many slots it have atm
but make it for example 4 slots and work as Labolatory :D !...

So player don't have to manualy craft his first lab
You can just connect power to broken ship and put Science Packs to it :D

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Re: 7 Slots for Spaceship

Post by Ranakastrasz »

Heh. There was a mod that had a few ex-nihlo generators, chests, assemblers, and a science lab scattered about appearing as chucks of the crashed ship. Honestly a more interesting start than just a bunch of random components, fire, and a massive but low capacity chest. Railcars still do a better job as distribution chests, especially aince you can filter them.
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