Delete the "Follower robot count" mechanic

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Delete the "Follower robot count" mechanic

Post by DanGio »

Delete the Follower robot count mechanic (follower cap & technologies altogether), make it infinite as soon as Combat robotics is researched.
What ?
I propose that
- Follower robot count becomes theorically infinite (in reality, it would be capped by robot lifetime & capsule throwing speed), and
- Following robot count technologies are removed from the game.
Why ?
- Follower robot count technologies were the first infinite technologies ever implemented, and the only science pack sink in 0.13. Now that we've got multiple infinite technologies, they're far less valuable gameplay wise.
- At some point, researching Follower robot count cease to be of any help, unlike Mining productivity, Artillery range or Weapon damage.
- Launching 100 capsules is already more expensive than launching 10, there's no need for an additional wall.
- It would fix the difference between capped followers (tier 1 & 3) and infinite non-followers (tier 2)
- Researching Combat robotics technology would grant a straight, nice reward.

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Re: Delete the "Follower robot count" mechanic

Post by Mecejide »

Technically, researching weapon damage eventually stops being useful as well.

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