Production deadlocks

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Production deadlocks

Post by leadraven » Wed Jan 30, 2019 10:21 pm

Hello, everyone!

Any recipe that has at least 2 outputs might potentially lead to a deadlock where overflow of 1 output blocks production of another output. And I want to discuss such recipes.
  1. Miners on the border of two patches. It is natural and minor problem. A bit annoying, but could be ignored.
  2. Unbarreling deadlock isn't a problem at all.
  3. All kinds of Oil processing.
    Heavy oil -> Light oil -> Petroleum Gas chain eliminates all deadlocks except Gas overflow.
    Let's investigate potential problems with Light/Heavy oil shortage.
    1. Flamethrower ammo. Ammo can be used only manually, thus its deadlock is a very minor problem.
    2. Solid fuel production. Sometimes its deadlock is very painful. It's a rare situation, but if you fuel your boilers with Solid fuel, an overflow of plastic can lead to total blackout. I've got it once :D . Since then I always place one small block of ... Gas -> Fuel plants!
      This recipe is sooo impractical. There is almost no sense to use it. Almost. I like to see 0 counter on it, but I know it protects my factory. Like a soldier who has never been in a real battle.
      Gas -> Fuel is an excellent example of non-trivial deadlock solution. I love this recipe. I don't know was this trick conceived or not, but it's beautiful.
      But here is one more deadlock, and of course it is...
    3. Lubricant.
      Here is no solution for this deadlock. Lubricant production is strictly limited with Gas consumption. And that's very unpleasant.
  4. Uranium processing recipe. This deadlock is eliminated with Kovarex enrichment. And it is an opposite situation.
    I really like how this deadlock is intentionally designed. It even exists in real life! It creates wide potential for further processing.
    And here comes the Kovarex enrichment, the laziest solution possible. First impression was "Wow, that's very interesting recipe!". But when I did it for the first time, I realized how boring it is. This is a huge waste of potential.
What is your opinion? Do you use Gas->Fuel safety catch? Does Lubricant limitation bother you? Or you never get Gas overflow?
Do you like Kovarex enrichment from this point of view? Did I miss any other deadlocks?

P.S. A little self-promotion : I've suggested an alternative to Kovarex enrichment in another thread : viewtopic.php?f=6&t=64651.

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