Lazy Bastard - Expensive mode

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Lazy Bastard - Expensive mode

Post by Neizilber »

Factorio 1.1.59

n - Expensive Mode
(n) - Normal Mode

Offshore pump - 12 (8)
Boiler - 5 (5)
Steam engine - 16 (14)
Small electric pole - 2 (2)
Lab - 65 (40)
Automation science pack - 20 (20)
Assembling machine 1 - 21 (14)
Total: 141 (103)

Neediness of choosing between Expensive Mode and Lazy Bastard Achievement do...dissapointing.
Make it no more than 142 manually crafted items. Or, even better, no more than 42 after the first hundred.

UPD. Oh yeah, I forgot it's LUA. So, if you wanna play Expensive and still be able to track your Lazy Bastard's !REASONABLE! progress
-go to *game_folder*\data\base\prototypes
-open achievements.lua
-use search to find "lazy-bastard" (no quotes) (lines 305-310)
-change massive's element "amount" from "111" to "142" (line 308)
-(OPTIONAL) go to *game_folder*\data\base\locale\*your_language_code*\base.cfg
-(OPTIONAL) use search to find "lazy-bastard" (no quotes) (line 19)
-(OPTIONAL) change achivment's description

P.S. Hope I don't corrupt any license rules or kinda...

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Re: Lazy Bastard - Expensive mode

Post by jodokus31 »

Here is also my mod, which is of course a mod and not vanilla aka steam achievements: ... assemblers

"Lazy bastard marathon (disabled by default)"
"The first player receives some intermediate products (gears, copper wires) on map start to have a chance to achieve lazy bastard with marathon settings."

The other settings have to be disabled and this option enabled.

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