[Request] Entity graphics for overhaul mod (Satisfactorio)

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[Request] Entity graphics for overhaul mod (Satisfactorio)

Post by PFQNiet »

Since September of last year I've been working on an overhaul mod: Satisfactorio. At this point is it pretty much feature-complete, and I'm in final testing before I look into releasing it.

However, I am not a graphics person. All of my buildings are currently just big white placeholder rectangles with the building icon. (It's surprisingly playable despite this lack of immersion!)
constructor-e.png (7.76 KiB) Viewed 3303 times
truck-station-n.png (33.33 KiB) Viewed 3303 times
I know it's gonna be a massive ask, but perhaps someone is feeling as ambitious with the graphics as I have been with the modding.

Here is the full list of buildings that are currently using placeholder graphics, in alphabetical order:
- Assembler
- Awesome Shop
- Awesome Sink
- Beacon (not a Factorio beacon, this is a stick you plant in the ground to mark places of interest)
- Biomass Burner (two sizes)
- Blender
- Coal Generator
- Constructor
- Conveyor Merger / Splitter / Smart Splitter / Programmable Splitter
- Craft Bench
- Drone Port
- Drop Pod
- Equipment Workshop
- Fluid Buffer / Industrial Fluid Buffer
- Foundation
- Foundry
- Fuel Generator
- Geothermal Generator
- Jump Pad / U-Jelly Landing Pad
- Lookout Tower
- M.A.M.
- Manufacturer
- Miner Mk.1/2/3
- Nuclear Power Plant
- Oil Extractor
- Packager
- Particle Accelerator
- Personal Storage Box
- Portable Miner
- Power Storage
- Radar Tower
- Refinery
- Resource Well Pressuriser / Extractor
- Smelter
- Space Elevator (HUGE entity!)
- Storage Container / Industrial Storage Container
- The HUB
- Train Station / Freight Platform / Fluid Freight Platform / Empty Platform
- Truck Station
- Valve
- Water Extractor

Additionally there are some resource entites:
- Bacon Agaric
- Beryl Nut bush (with and without nuts)
- Paleberry plant (with and without berries)
- Geyser
- Resource Wells (hole/cracks in the ground for a Pressuriser)
- Nitrogen Gas satellite node

As much as I wish I could just use the Satisfactory models, they don't always fit the same grid as Factorio (especially when it comes to the third dimension) and Satisfactory's animation cycles can be up to a minute long - this is fine with 3D rigged models but for 2D sprites a 3,600-frame animation is a *bit* excessive! So the entity graphics will need to be custom-made, but the style should be similar to Satisfactory overall.

Again, I realise this is a super ambitious project and a huge request to make, but if you're interested in helping please let me know!

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Re: [Request] Entity graphics for overhaul mod (Satisfactorio)

Post by InnerVoiS »

I am willing to start working on these designs. I've sent you a PM with a few questions so let me know what you think!

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