[Request] Sprites for a few of Bob's entities

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[Request] Sprites for a few of Bob's entities

Post by kirazy »

I am working on a reskin mod for Bobs, and have made some kitbashes of existing assets (and plan to make a few more) for some entities.

However, there are some that I don't have a good answer for where kitbashing is concerned. My skills are Photoshop and CAD, which don't really let me make new 3D assets for Factorio.

I kind of see this as a hail-Mary and we'll see what comes of it. :D

For each of the requests, I'd like a low-res + hi-res version, in a Factorio-esque style as much as possible. Shadows on a separate layer is preferred with the light source directly to the left of the entity for a 90° shadow in keeping with the majority of Factorio's new sprites.

1. Barreling machine, air compressor.

These are 2x2 tile entities with pipes on the right. They both currently share the same sprite/animation, but their functions are different.

I'm picturing an animated (pumping motion?) assembling-machine style entity, but one with barrels, and the other with gas cylinders. Shadow as a separate layer.
Pipe connections need to be preserved.

Machines fulfilled by YoukiTani.

2. Burner/Oil Burning Heat Sources:

These are 3x3 tile non-rotable entities with heat pipes cannibalized from the Nuclear Reactor, and a dramatically upressed old-style Steel Furnace... I don't really have anything in mind, except that some sort of flame layer/animation (or even just something the same dimensions as the steel furnace mouth, off to the side so it's not obstructed by pipes, and I can tie the steel-furnace-fire to that) + chimney for me to tie the smoke particles to. And a light/working_visualization layer e.g. https://i.imgur.com/vST1EbP.png

I only really need one model with two variants, one with pipe connections one without, with a lighted layer for working_visualization.
If you choose to make such a model and want to provide rotations I would be delighted, though the entity as-is doesn't rotate.

3. Generators
3x3 entities with pipe connections on all sides on the middle, non-rotable. The existing kitbash captures the spirit of what the entity should look like, but two boilers fused together is not ideal.

I'm hoping for parity with boilers (they share the same prototype), e.g. a base image, a lighted image, and a working_visualization (e.g. the boiler flame).

Finished myself.

4. In-line fluid tank
1x1 tile entity, I really just need something that's on a box that I can put pipe covers on without obscuring the tank.

Tank fulfilled by YoukiTani.

5. Flow vales
1x1 tile entity, I'm mostly looking for something really simple I can put on top of the pipe for all four direction, that indicates flow direction and that it's a valve in some way. This is not an animated entity. A wheel ontop of a box that I can graft over the straight pipe segments is perfect; I need the arrow though.

I made a mockup, but I think it's a little too busy for what it's intending to be:

The idea behind this was that there was a lever arm that controlled a gate inside the pipe to regulate flow. A visual indicator to convey that this isn't just a straight pipe, that it's an active valve of some sort. But simple is better.

Valves fulfilled by YoukiTani.

6. Gas Vent (Flare stack)
1x1 tile entity, rotable, 1 pipe connection (input). The entity vents gas to atmosphere (a flare stack, basically).

And last...
7. Sniper turret, Plasma Turret
Sniper turret is 2x2 entity, need raising, shooting animations. I had begun kitbashing from a gun-turret by elongating the barrel and envision something similar to a gun-turret but a single, longer barrel, no ammo belt, maybe an optic / range finding suite.

Sniper turret fulfilled by YoukiTani.

8. Plasma turret is 3x3 entity...could be anything. It fires bursts of plasma that detonate, has an arc radius like a flame turret.
Tentatively I was planning to kitbash the Artillery turret into something like this:

Finished myself.

Any contributions are greatly appreciated and heaps of credit will be attributed, however one would most like it. (And all assets would be offered to Bob)

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