[Request] Industrial batteries, charging stations, electric trains and research assets

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[Request] Industrial batteries, charging stations, electric trains and research assets

Post by dewiniaid » Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:35 am

I'm the creator of Batteries Not Included, a take on electric vehicles using battery packs that can be swapped out and recharged. Someone pointed me at this forum via a PM so I figure I'll see if I can get some help replacing the terrible placeholder graphics currently used by the mod.

[Edit: After re-reading the "Read This", I wanted to add this bit about graphic style -- namely that Factorio-ish is preferred.]

I'm looking for graphics for:
  • Industrial Batteries (Icon and sprite):
    • Heavy-duty like a car battery or bigger, not like your typical household battery. Google image searches for "Industrial Battery" might be a good starting point.
    • Currently two types: "Battery Packs" and "High-Performance Battery Packs" -- simple color variations will suffice, but I won't say no to going above and beyond.
    • Each battery has 'charged' and 'discharged/empty' states, which should be distinguishable from each other but still look similar. Colored red/green LEDs or something similar might work.
  • Charging stations (item, building with working animations)
    • Two varieties, normal and rapid charging.
    • Current implementations are recolored accumulators, 2x2. I'm not opposed to a different size; e.g 2x3 or 3x3. Scaling an accumulator to 3x3 just seemed wrong at the time.
    • Battery charging tends to produce a lot of heat; so some sort of cooling or heat sinks might look good.
  • Electric train
    • Currently a blue-recolored locomotive, an entirely original sprite sheet for this would be awesome, but also an understandably tremendous amount of work. As there are multiple competing electric vehicle mods and there's very little reason to use more than one, I imagine that any work here could be contributed to all of them.
  • Technology
    • Battery Packs: Unlocks the first tier of battery packs and charging stations listed above.
    • High-Performance Battery Packs: Unlocks the second tier of battery packs listed above.
    • Rapid Charging Stations: Unlocks the second tier of charging stations listed above.
    • Electric Locomotives: Self-explanatory.
Any contributed graphics will be credited to you however you'd prefer. Non-Factorio-derived art and sound assets are currently licensed CC-BY-3.0, but I'm open to discussion on that.

Thank you in advance.

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