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I wanted to have a look at how terrain textures are handled by this game, and before i noticed i had this:
photo_2017-08-11_11-25-42.jpg (199.53 KiB) Viewed 2533 times
This was back on 0.14, when stuff wasn't hd yet.

I don't think i have the guts to turn it into a mod that makes at least minimal sense; if anybody likes to continue working on this, please feel free to take it up.

I'm attaching the whole thing as a 0.14 mod. Some of these textures are based on free textures from http://soundimage.org/ which requires attribution, but there are no other restrictions on what you can do with this content.

Contents of the package:
- Terrain texture replacements for all (i hope) 0.14 terrain textures.
- Appropriate minimap colors.
- Lava furnace, with terribly hacky scripts to make it work.
- A few variations of crystals.
- Lava cracks.

My own ideas were along the lines of:
- So, what if our character crash-lands on a planet that isn't as life-friendly as Earth? I'm thinking of Starcraft's Char or Star Wars's Mustafar.
- Balance for such mod would be skewed dramatically with respect to organic stuff and water.
- Trees are replaced with crystals which can be mined for stone and maybe other stuff (otherwise landscape is too boring).
- Grass is replaced with red lava cracks.
- I'm imagining an intermediate product called "thermal resistaning plating" (or something like that, my English is too bad for this) used for building most machines.
- I already implemented an early-game furnace that smelts stuff for free but needs to stay adjacent to lava.
- I was thinking that maybe early-game power would assume making batteries from metals and acid atmosphere and using them until they run out.
- Then once enough clean water is produced, switch to geothermal power with closed water cycle.
- Some effort would be needed to synthesize organic matter and ideally life in greenhouses, probably to feed the character, and also fuel.
- There'd probably be an abundance of volcanic ashes, from which various useful elements could be extracted through Angel's-like refining.
- This would probably be incompatible with most other balance mods around.
A mod for 0.14 that should be doing this. Not sure if works.
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Re: Volcanio.

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This could be a fantastic scenario mod. Or even a piece of endgame, where you balance it so that it's quite impossible to survive on the new planet without shipments from the old. You'd need a constant stream of rockets to do cargo drops, justifying the need for a megabase that does multiple RPM.


ohhh it's a texture pack, lol.
feature creep much? :D

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