[request] Art for Equivalent exchange

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[request] Art for Equivalent exchange

Post by matjojo » Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:51 pm


I'm in need for graphical help. I need icons for several items and an entity. I'll explain for every piece I need below.
  • Icons:
    • Technology:
      • Energy condensing:
        • This is the technology that makes it possible to craft the energy condenser and unlocks all the recipes to craft EMC.
        • This icon I only had a negative of the sulfur item icon for. It should look like an item of choice smelting into another item of choice, with a stream between in in the colour of the EMC-icon to show some relativity.
      • purifying matter: 3X
        • This is the technology in a row of three that allows the player to "purify" and "condense" the EMC into items worth 100 10000 and 50000 EMC respectively.
        • The icons would have to look like a row of technologies. with a darker and maybe fuller colour every icon. (these are the three items.(imgur))
      • Fluids to EMC:
        • This icon should be a icon which show many similarities with the energy condensing icon.
        • It should look like a item of choice smelting into a fluid drop of choice (preferably relatable to an base game fluid).
        • Example: Image
    • Item Icons:
      • EMC:
        • This is the item that it's all about. It can be created from everything and can create everything.
        • It should kind of look like a circle. It shouldn't look all too pure because it can be purified twice and then be compressed even more.
        • Example: Image
        • Album: (imgur)
      • Half pure matter:
        • This is the purified version of EMC. it's only step one in a three step purification tree. So it should be a bit more pure than the EMC icon bot not 100% pure.
        • It should have about the same shape as the EMC item.
      • Pure matter:
        • This is step two in the three step purification. so again, a bit more pure but still not 100%.
        • It should have about the same shape as the EMC and the half pure matter items.
      • Compressed matter:
        • This is step three in the purification process. It should be 100% pure.
        • It should again have about the same shape as the EMC and (half) pure matter items.
      • Energy Condenser:
        • Should look like a magic-like block, mostly black with some colourful tints.
        • Example(not made by me): Image
    • Entity art:
      • Energy condenser:
        • This. I don't not know how this works. I need art as big as the steel chest. It can be rotated to every 4 sides.
        • Should be alike the icon for the energy condenser (evidently).
        • Would be mostly black with some colourful tints
        • Could have an animation, with the colourful tints moving.(or something like that)
Welp, thats all, it looks like a lot I think. If anyone needs more information, please be sure to ask, I check back to the forum more than actually is healthy, so you probably have a fast answer.


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