Read this, OR be ignored

Place to share your custom game graphics.
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Read this, OR be ignored

Post by ssilk »

This board is for
- modders, which are good in programming and bad in creating graphics,
- graphics/designers/hobby artists that are good in creating 3D-models/rendering, but bad in programming.

So if you as a modder want some artist to make a request into this board, please provide the following information for each graphics you need:
- The target or the idea behind the graphics should be clear.
- How big do you want each graphics in the end. Either in pixels or in tiles. Or should it be an icon?
- What kind of graphics do you need. List all your missing graphics and describe them as good you can, give examples, "should look like..."; the artist doesn't want to download/install a mod, only to see, that it is not, what he likes to do.
- He doesn't want to download the mod for a preview, but the mod should be realized yet. It makes no sense to do the graphics first. Makes things a lot easier.
- How should it look like? Old fashioned. Futuristic. Alien. Like Factorio. Again: Try to bring reference-pics.

Think also in the sense of an artist: What would an artist would like to make. Is it too difficult? Too detailed? The style too extravagant? Too organic/technic?
An artist thinks also in categories like "Would I like to have such a thing in my collection of self-made 3D models?" (maybe he can reuse it in other projects?) "How would it look 3D printed?" and so on.

One last note: Even if you have made everything correct: There is no guarantee, that someone takes your ideas and creates graphics for them. :)
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Re: Read this, OR be ignored

Post by MF- »

suggestion: Rename to "Read this, OR be ignored: Texture Packs".
rationale: It might look that the same thread is simply posted on more boards.

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Re: Read this, OR be ignored

Post by YuokiTani »

please can every finished request changed in subject from [Request] to [Done] ?

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