[Request] Assets for flooring & roboports

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[Request] Assets for flooring & roboports

Post by AlmightyCrumpet »

Making this mod: https://mods.factorio.com/mod/PoweredFloorExtended
I have some basic graphics in place but they are pretty sad.
Looking to have fresh graphics for all items included if anyone is up for it.
The aim is to keep things looking clean/futuristic in style but hopefully not too out of place, and please take an artistic liberties as I struggled for the current graphics as is.
Preferably for the flooring tiles, multiple versions for colour variation is preferred as different styles can be chosen in the settings.

Flooring (image size 1024x64, icon size 64x64)

- Blue/White/Black background with a matching highlight hex grid to give it the solar panel effect
- A border effect that will finish the edge hex's (will require a mask to be created as well) and to have a metallic edge like the in-game solar panels

- White/Light Grey/Black(?) Square tile or a looping panelling effect
- A border to match the tile aesthetic and slightly raise the tilling like it's on a small platform, would prefer it to be 90 degree angles for the corners instead of the angled corners that concrete has (see current graphics)

- Possibly a similar effect to Hazard concrete, as in, the same tile design as the "Powered" tile but with a slight overlay to indicate the difference
- Border can be reused from the Powered flooring

Nodes (Roboports 2x2 instead of 4x4, image size roughly 512x512, icon size 64x64)
I want there to be a constant design in each as the base, and then each will differ by the design that surrounds the base.
I will say now, I still don't have any clear design ideas for these and would appreciate suggestions

- Raised square/octal base to make it look like the center is embedded in the floor
- The center "pit" is where the bots would spawn from for the "Bot Node" and so should remain empty
- To be made like it's covered in white panelling

- Does not deploy or store robots, only extends the logistics network
- An upside-down pyramid shape should fit into the base "pit"
- It should be covered in White panelling with an orange band to signify to "Logistics" side

- Does not deploy or store robots, only extends to construction network
- A Sphere should fill the base "pit" and should be sectioned into 8 by a green bevelled cross
- aside from the green bevel, it should be covered in white panelling

- Does not extend the logistics or construction network, only houses/deploys bots
- This should only be a white panel that covers the base "pit" and splits into 4 to open up for bots to leave and enter the "pit"

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