[Request] Whistle Stop Factories Icons + Techs

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[Request] Whistle Stop Factories Icons + Techs

Postby Avacado » Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:02 pm

Hi All,

My mod is Whistle Stop Factories where I feature giant factories that are similar to the normal game buildings but huge (about 6x wider and 6x taller), and while eventually I'd like to redo the entities (there are some issues with floating pipes and pipes connecting to pipes that are 6 times larger), today I'm just looking for a few things:

  • Icons for the Big Assembling Machine, Big Chemical Plant, Big Refinery, and Big Electric Furnace. These should be 32x32 pictures because that is what the rest of the in-game icons seem to be. Feel free to make them simply by modifying the in-game icons for the existing buildings. I'm really don't have the first idea of how to, in an icon that is the same size as every other icon, give them a sense of "bigness". Maybe it makes more sense to somehow incorporate the idea that these are meant to be train stops?

While these icons aren't that prevalent currently (because you can't actually have these big factories in your inventory), they do show up in a few places still, like highlighting a recipe it'll say "built in:" and then show you a picture of the icon. Or in the power usage display. Or selecting your machine type when using helmod. But more importantly, having these icons will be critical for my next mod, which will feature these same buildings, but with the ability to build them from your inventory.

  • Also, I'm looking for two technology pictures which should be 128x128.

The first technology is speed boosting my big factories. Each level of the tech brings +50% speed and +70% energy consumption, so it's like adding a speed module 3. Only 1 icon is needed even though there will be 12 levels of the technology. The game automatically adds the level number to the whatever icon is used. I was thinking you could maybe utilizing take one of the icons that were created for the first request plus some up arrows to show the speed increase? Or perhaps a speed module 3?

The second technology increases the number of loaders available to each factory. The factories will start with about 5 input loaders and 2 output loaders, and each level will add about 5 more input loaders and 2 more output loaders. Again, I had some rough ideas of combining one of the icons with a loader or an arrow and a loader, but am open to any suggestions you might have.

Here are some pictures for the factories:



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