[wheybags][0.17.11] Tutorial, no respawn if die in "continue" scene

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[wheybags][0.17.11] Tutorial, no respawn if die in "continue" scene

Post by DeadMuffin »

So I finished the nice tut, crowded by a whole bunch of biters and decided to continue.

The game then starts to introduce the whole map, but doesn’t pause the game, so the biters killed me. After that I just see my dead corpse and I can scroll but no "you are dead" and no respawn.
norespawn.jpg (571.39 KiB) Viewed 1440 times
Reloading last saves and dying, with same result of no respawn.

The testsave is the very end of the tutorial, where I can reproduce this (let kill after "continue").
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Re: [wheybags][0.17.11] Tutorial, no respawn if die in "continue" scene

Post by wheybags »

Thanks for the report.
Fixed for the next release.

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