[0.10.6]Replacing Assembler resets its orientation

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Fast Inserter
Fast Inserter
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[0.10.6]Replacing Assembler resets its orientation

Post by Arakasi »

1. place assembler lvl2.
2. choose recipe with liquid input
3. place and rotate several other objects
4. replace original assembler lvl2 by lvl3

result: liquid input might be disconnected depending on previous orientation with other objects.
expected: liquid input should stay connected
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Factorio Staff
Factorio Staff
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Re: [10.0.6]Replacing Assembler resets its orientation

Post by kovarex »

You are right.

The fast replacing is used to change the direction sometimes (You can use it for changing direction of belts), but the truth is, that for assembling machine, you most probably want just to upgrade it instead of use the fast replace setup to change direction.

It was one, line fix, if every bugfix was so easy :)

Fixed for 0.10.7

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