[Tobias][1.1.42] All GUIs becomes unresponsive after cutscene with Tips-And-Tricks open

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[Tobias][1.1.42] All GUIs becomes unresponsive after cutscene with Tips-And-Tricks open

Post by Stringweasel »

This is a kind of obscure bug that a player came across. It's relatively easy to work around this in the mod, but thought I would let you guys know.
What happened?
When turning of game_view_settings.show_controller_gui and then viewing a cutscene while Tips-And-Tricks is open can cause all GUIs to become unresponsive. Even the ESC menu can be opened but not interacted with at all.
What did I expect?
Open Tips-And-Tricks, watch cutscene, finish cutscene, and still be able to interact with GUIs.
Reproduction steps
  1. Start a new multiplayer world with no mods. It needs to be a multiplayer game so that the game doesn't pause while the Tips-And-Tricks is open
  2. Run the command below
  3. Open the Tips-And-Tricks window
  4. Wait and watch the beautiful cutscene
  5. Get stuck not being able to close Tips-And-Tricks or any other window.
  6. Force close Factorio
This only works with the Tips-And-Tricks window. The other guis (like Train or Bonusses, etc) seem to close as soon as a cutscene plays, so it doesn't cause any issues.

Code: Select all

local player = game.players[1]
player.game_view_settings.show_controller_gui = false
script.on_nth_tick(5*60, function()
    player.set_controller {
        type = defines.controllers.cutscene,
        waypoints =
                position = {10, 10},
                transition_time = 60*1,
                zoom = 1,
                time_to_wait = 0
        start_position = {0, 0},
        start_zoom = 1

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Re: [1.1.42] All GUIs becomes unresponsive after cutscene with Tips-And-Tricks open

Post by KeepResearchinSpoons »

(full read w/ spoiler est. 3 min)
A tiny bit more info
First hand details:
Here, "unresponsive" actually means:
[x] in the corner still has the "esc/e to close" caption on mouseover.
However ESC actually brings the usual Resume-settings-etc menu, which does nothing.
BTW, u also have the tips-ant-tricks top layer on the screen, (you need to manually drag it over to even see the esc menu)

A player in no event ever should be unable to quit the game, they joined.
imo, this is unacceptable and should be fixed.
Ofc "soft-locked"/hanged/freezed case like that is not the top priority one since alt-f4, taskkill, kill -9 etc.
but remember there are newbs

A somewhat working workaround is to force-open another modal gui window.
The nearby gate-car's (enter to teleport) inventory did the trick back then. The usual E should have been perm-restricted since lobby surface, iirc.
The window goes off, and you are able to EXIT the game now.
(minor issue is you seem to no longer be able to open ticks-and-tricks apparently).

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Re: [Tobias][1.1.42] All GUIs becomes unresponsive after cutscene with Tips-And-Tricks open

Post by Tobias1595 »

Thanks for the report. The issue will be addressed in the upcoming release.

The Tips & Tricks window will close when a cutscene starts, like most other windows.

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