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by bw_mutley
Fri Aug 14, 2020 12:44 pm
Forum: General discussion
Topic: Thank you (Make the dev-team happy today!)
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Re: Thank you (Make the dev-team happy today!)

I want to express my gratitude for the devs making this awesome game. Congratulations for the official release!
by bw_mutley
Fri Feb 07, 2020 11:45 pm
Forum: News
Topic: Friday Facts #333 - Terrain scrolling
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Re: Friday Facts #333 - Terrain scrolling

...and then instead of copying all the terrain back to the buffer, we can just adjust the offset and update the parts that changed. Just like 90% of video files do. When I started reading this FFF, this question just pop up in my eyes: Why they don't do just like MP4 files? Still, Factorio video re...
by bw_mutley
Sat Dec 14, 2019 1:03 pm
Forum: News
Topic: Friday Facts #325 - New Explosions and Particles
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Re: Friday Facts #325 - New Explosions and Particles

To devs, congratulations for such a polished work - not only the graphics tweeks as of recently, but all of it, including the game mechanics. And congratulations for the Steam milestone, ofc!
by bw_mutley
Fri May 03, 2019 11:15 pm
Forum: News
Topic: Friday Facts #293 - New remnants 2 & 1.0 Marketing plan
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Re: Friday Facts #293 - New remnants 2 & 1.0 Marketing plan

Things like pricing $30 instead of $29.99, no sales, no micro-transactions, game stability over features, no selling-out to big companies that would use the game as cash grab while destroying the brand (we actually declined to negotiate "investment opportunities" like this several times a...
by bw_mutley
Thu Apr 18, 2019 4:45 pm
Forum: Cheatsheets / Calculators / Viewers
Topic: Factorio Replay Inspector/Generator
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Re: Factorio Replay Inspector/Generator

HI there, its been an year since you posted it here. I found it very intersting and useful, thank you for your addition. I have been working on ways to extract general info from replay files, like number of machines assembling a given recipe, or the number of generators on game surface. So far what ...
by bw_mutley
Fri Mar 01, 2019 1:02 pm
Forum: Spread the Word
Topic: Dad-Torio
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Re: Dad-Torio

Very nice story indeed! I am a 42 y.o. player and sometimes I wonder how long will this last.
by bw_mutley
Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:24 am
Forum: Releases
Topic: Version 0.17.2
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Re: Version 0.17.2

one thing i found that i felt was different and kinda bugged me abit, was when i opened my blueprint book, and wanted to take 1 blueprint out and into my inventory, before i could just put it directly into my bar, cuz it was part of my inventory, but now since its not, i have to hold the blueprint ...
by bw_mutley
Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:30 am
Forum: General discussion
Topic: Better Splitting Settings
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Re: Better Splitting Settings

I've made a Ratio Splitter with circuits, not splitters, see if you can use it. You can set any proportion you like with it into any number of channels. Best use of it is leeching the main raw material lines. You can check it here: viewtopic.php?f=193&t=64740#p397076
by bw_mutley
Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:50 pm
Forum: Combinator Creations
Topic: Buffed Ratio Splitter
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Buffed Ratio Splitter

Hello to all! Here is my first contribution. Since there is no "waste" in factorio, most people build their factories feeding their material lines to be filled, so they back up and the other processing demands over that material are met. This, however, can lead to small loses in time or wr...

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