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by Volvary
Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:51 pm
Forum: Mods
Topic: [MOD 0.17] Howitzer Cannons
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[MOD 0.17] Howitzer Cannons

Howitzer Cannon Have you ever wanted a research that allowed you to craft a Turret that would be able to soften the larger waves of enemies your base may encounter in the mid game, before you unlock the Artilleries? Search no more, for here is the Howitzer Cannons. Thumbnail.PNG With its large cone...
by Volvary
Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:35 pm
Forum: Resolved Problems and Bugs
Topic: [wheybags][0.16.20] GUI Element pushes cursor strangely
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[wheybags][0.16.20] GUI Element pushes cursor strangely

Note: Sorry about the weird title, I have no idea how to explain this bug quickly. While playing with mods, Quill in specific, I noticed that going back in the note I was creating had strange interactions with Enter keys. In the gif above, you can see me type 1 to 9,...

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