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by janneclaes
Thu Mar 21, 2019 4:41 pm
Forum: Energy Production
Topic: Compact 4.8 GW Nuclear Reactor
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Re: Compact 4.8 GW Nuclear Reactor

for each of the eight HX/Turbine sections i count 104 Turbine and 60 HX. you mentioned that at max load, power output drops from design 4.8GW to 4.5GW. my guess is that the turbines could consume a smidge more steam if a smidge more was available. (104 turbine) * (60 steam per second / 1 turbine) * ...
by janneclaes
Tue Jul 25, 2017 5:52 pm
Forum: Mechanical Throughput Magic (circuit-free)
Topic: Demand rebalancer/inverse rebalancer
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Re: Demand rebalancer/inverse rebalancer

i like my mining drills to start and stop as one Blueprint string 0eNqdnetumzkOhu/Fv5PBp7PUW1kMFknrLQw4TmA7iy2K3Ps6aZp4Zij7ffgraNq+H48SRVLUz9X99nn9tN/sjqsvP1ebr4+7w+rLv36uDpvvu7vt6++OP57Wqy+rzXH9sLpZ7e4eXv+03q6/Hvebr7cPm91m9/32236z3a5eblab3bf1/1ZfwsufN6v17rg5bta/AN/+8OPfu+eH...

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