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by raneo
Wed Apr 21, 2021 10:19 pm
Forum: Gameplay Help
Topic: Simple Questions and Short Answers
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Re: Simple Questions and Short Answers

Hello! I am planning a 5.5 spm base and got curious about which belt loading to use. More specifically I want to know if it is still beneficial to reduce the sideloading as much as possible? Which variant of the plastic belt loading has the least impact on performance? 1: no sideloading, 3 splitters...
by raneo
Fri May 29, 2020 10:15 pm
Forum: News
Topic: Friday Facts #349 - The 1.0 plan
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Re: Friday Facts #349 - The 1.0 plan

Locale : Although I understand, that you want to deliver an overall polished/great product with 1.0 I am concerned you're investing too much resources into the translations! I am a dude from germany, tried the german translation once and rolled back to the english original a few hours later. For me...
by raneo
Thu Jan 30, 2020 10:07 pm
Forum: Releases
Topic: Version 0.18.3
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Re: Version 0.18.3

Hiladdar wrote: ↑
Thu Jan 30, 2020 7:02 pm
I think the real highlight of this patch is addressing issue 47857, thanks.
Absolutely! Great addition
by raneo
Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:54 am
Forum: General discussion
Topic: My guide to "There is no spoon" (15.X version)
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My guide to "There is no spoon" (16.36 version)

My contribution to "There is no spoon" ( 16.36 version) I stumbled across the achievement months ago and procrastinated over and over after I finally dicided to work on it. My biggest inspiration was your base D0SBoots but I did several things different considering the problems you had in...
by raneo
Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:45 pm
Forum: Multiplayer
Topic: Looging for Players [Ger/Eng]
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Re: Looging for Players [Ger/Eng]

Hello, I played factorio quite a bit (250h++) but most of the time I did it by my own. would like to play with other people and since I do speak both english/and german (I am from germany) it would be a pleasure if I could join you guys. :) Which mods do I need to have? Do you use teamspeak/discord?...

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