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by Sniper_of_Chess
Tue Sep 15, 2020 6:14 am
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Topic: About Computer Science
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About Computer Science

Hello, Since I learn c++ by myself I would like to know more about how computers exactly work. I was searching for some books, videos, but mostly found just "Introduction to Computer Science", "Basics of how computers work" etc. I would like to learn some advanced stuff like, how...
by Sniper_of_Chess
Thu Jul 25, 2019 8:15 pm
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Topic: Climate Change
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Climate Change

Hello everybody in these hot days (In Europe at least). 30 (or so) years ago, there was conference about climate change, where specialists of this topic has warned people with responsibility that there is probability, that clima starts to change and if nobody does something, it would be worse and wo...
by Sniper_of_Chess
Fri Jun 10, 2016 2:23 pm
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Topic: Friday Facts #141 - Mod Portal
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Re: Friday Facts #141 - Mod Portal

I really hope it comes today. Next week I plan to play Dreamfall Chapters.

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