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by ScottyWired
Fri Aug 24, 2018 11:04 am
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Topic: Friday Facts #257 - NPE/Campaign update
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Re: Friday Facts #257 - NPE/Campaign update

I also thought about being able to enter the escape pod just like you can do with the car, I just didn't bring it up to anyone who can make it happen yet. Maybe? :P Fast Travel! Just like in RimWorld where you can use the somewhat expensive rocket-launched escape pods to travel across the planet in...
by ScottyWired
Sat Dec 09, 2017 1:18 am
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Topic: Friday Facts #220 - The best Friday Facts ever
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Re: Friday Facts #220 - The best Friday Facts ever

The artillery train is absolutely epic, but from those videos it kinda feels like a mere "click and make explosions happen" enabler. The map provides a tangible link between gun and explosion by showing projectiles moving, but zooming in at the target destination the explosions just sorta... happen....
by ScottyWired
Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:45 am
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Topic: Friday Facts #135 - Getting Organized
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Re: Friday Facts #135 - Getting Organized

Will that turret be a flame-ball launcher, or the traditional flamethrower? Both have their merits though I'm inclined towards flameballs because flameballs, and also because in games they usually feature splash damage and a lingering fir...

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