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by Kivan
Mon Sep 26, 2022 10:57 pm
Forum: Railway Setups
Topic: 3 and 4 way intersections
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Re: 3 and 4 way intersections

Nice to see so many creative people. I've been on and off factorio for 5 years now, just found out about this thread, cool stuff. So here is my 4 way rhd 44x44. Score 63 0eNrNnNtu20gMhl9loWun0BzImckb9HZvF8UiByEV4DqB4wRbFHn3lWM7dRxO9P/jm94UjQ+fKQ7JITmUfnXXy6fhYT2uNt3lr268uV89dpf//Ooex7vV1XL72ubnw9Bdd...

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