[boskid][1.1.39] Crash refueling burner inserter (Inserter::dropHeldItem)

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Manual Inserter
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[boskid][1.1.39] Crash refueling burner inserter (Inserter::dropHeldItem)

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In my game I have built a Wood burner to remove excess wood from logistic network and As a mistake hve put wooden chest in there too. When the burner inserters ran out of fuel they were about to refuel themselves with more wood and then stopped midway, I in an attempt to restart it refueled it manualy by selecting wood from my inventory and let it run. and then when the insererter was about to put in the next item wood to the next chest instead of refueling the game stopped and prodused an error.
2021-09-07 18-14-17_Trim.mp4
Video of bug getting preformed. Managed to repeat it many times on my save
(21.05 MiB) Downloaded 141 times
the save on that the bug happened
(16.79 MiB) Downloaded 33 times
the log file
(11.4 KiB) Downloaded 84 times

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Re: [boskid][1.1.39] Crash refueling burner inserter (Inserter::dropHeldItem)

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Thanks for the report. Issue is now fixed for 1.1.40.

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