[kovarex] [1.1.35] Crash agui::Widget::applySizeRestrictionsInternalWithoutTriggerResize

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[kovarex] [1.1.35] Crash agui::Widget::applySizeRestrictionsInternalWithoutTriggerResize

Post by eradicator »

Possibly similar to this three year old report?
(Is this what Uncle Bob was talking about when he said "if you copy code around then fixes aren't always applied to all copies" ;)?)

  1. Install attached mod + mod-settings.dat (renamed because forum doesn't allow .dat files)
  2. Also grab my library from the portal.
  3. Go to Settings -> Mod settings
  4. Press the red settings-reset-button.
  5. Crash.
Happend after I changed the default value for the two to-be-reset mod settings from 25 to "100/3" (double-setting), after having manually set it to 50 inbetween.
(549.52 KiB) Downloaded 50 times
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Re: [kovarex] [1.1.35] Crash agui::Widget::applySizeRestrictionsInternalWithoutTriggerResize

Post by kovarex »

Hello, thanks for the report.

The crash is related to the fact, that we just show 33.3333 for value that is actualy 33.3333333333333, and the logic of identifying non-default values got confused by that.

It is fixed for the next release now.

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