[Rseding91] [1.1.25] Inserter not waking up properly after Assembling Machine output no longer considered full

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[Rseding91] [1.1.25] Inserter not waking up properly after Assembling Machine output no longer considered full

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If an assembler has a full output, with an inserter waiting for the output to clear before inserting more ingredients, then has it's speed increased by changing modules (either inserting/removing from the machine itself, or via beacon) so that it no longer considers itself full, the assembler will change it's status to waiting for ingredients but the inserter will change to waiting for source items and not activate, thus leaving the machine input starved. Rotating the inserter then rotating it back, or removing ingredients or adding to/removing from the output from the assembler will cause it to start working again. If the needed ingredients are already in the chest/belt the inserter is pulling from, adding more won't properly wake up the inserter. If the chest is empty, adding the ingredient also will not wake up the inserter.
How to reproduce
  1. Import and build the following blueprint with an assembler, inserter, chest, and 12 beacon setup.

    Code: Select all

  2. Manually put 2 engines into the assembler - this changes its status to "Output full" with the inserter now showing "Waiting for space in destination", as expected.
  3. Add a supply of steel, gears, and pipes to the chest. The inserter won't grab any because the assembler's output is full, as expected.
  4. EITHER a) add two lvl 3 speed modules to the empty beacon, or b) add 1 or more lvl3 speed modules to the assembler.
  5. The assembler's status will update to "Item ingredient shortage", but the inserter's status changes to "Waiting for source items", despite all three ingredients being present in the chest.
  6. Rotate the inserter in either direction, and then back. The inserter starts working normally.
What's Expected
For the assembler speed change to wake up the assembler and the inserter, which would then put in ingredients until it met the new cap.

It's a relatively minor problem in vanilla, but a bit more so in modded games where stuff can be more expensive and modules more powerful.

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