[0.18.35] Incorrect Auto-Launch with Modded Rocket

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[0.18.35] Incorrect Auto-Launch with Modded Rocket

Post by ShadowGlass »

I'm playing with pyalienlife mod (1.8.6), and it has a modded rocket which has an inventory size of 10 instead of 1.

If I tick the Auto-launch with cargo checkbox, the rocket gets launched as soon as it has a single item in the inventory, instead of waiting for all inventory slots to be full. There is no way around it, I've tried using a stack inserter, or 10 separate inserters, auto-launch doesn't allow more than 1 item to be placed in the rocket inverntory.

Since inventory_size on a "rocket_silo_rocket" entity is a moddable attribute, auto-launch should work correctly with inventory sizes other than the default 1.
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Re: [0.18.35] Incorrect Auto-Launch with Modded Rocket

Post by boskid »

I would not consider this as a bug but i see how it could be frustrating. Fixed for 0.18.36. Instead of doing "launch when inventory is not-empty" check will be "launch when inventory has no empty slots".
after fix

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