[0.18.22] Multiplayer weird movement on belts

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[0.18.22] Multiplayer weird movement on belts

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This issue is in multiplayer, and only experienced by a client. The host does not see this, and this does not occur in singleplayer. Reproduced both on a public server and my friend hosting from his game.

- What did you do?
By placing Steel Chests and Transport Belts in the manner shown in the attached screenshots and save game, then running into the chests while on the rightmost edge of the belt, and letting go of "down" when you appear to stop.
Reproducing can be a bit difficult as it seems to rely a lot on the player being very close to the edge of the belt, but can be done consistently with practice.

- What happened?
Suddenly the character warps up on to the left edge of the belt.
Sometimes after this happens, though not always, while the belt pushes you around in a loop, the character will appear to catch on one of the chests, then shortly warp up to the left side of the belt again. If this happens, it will continually happen so long as the player does not move themselves, only is pushed by the belt.

- What did you expect to happen instead?
For the host and client to agree on where a character on a belt colliding with nearby entities will wind up moving to.
standing on edge.png
standing on edge.png (399.74 KiB) Viewed 1117 times
This is about the point where to run downwards to trigger the glitch.
chest caught.png
chest caught.png (396.48 KiB) Viewed 1117 times
This is where the character seems to get stuck for a moment.
warp to.png
warp to.png (273.31 KiB) Viewed 1117 times
This is about where the character warps to.
(5.77 KiB) Downloaded 80 times

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Re: [0.18.22] Multiplayer weird movement on belts

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Thanks for the report.
Fixed for 0.18.37

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