[0.18.17] Alt-F4 equals crash while dead

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[0.18.17] Alt-F4 equals crash while dead

Post by IronCartographer »

Crashes from the following steps after loading the attached save:

1. Nuke self
2. Hit Respawn
3. Alt-F4 before the respawn timer finishes

In case it hasn't been incorporated into your workflow yet, consider loading the game with the mods outside of debug mode so it's faster, then falling back to the data stage cache when starting the debug run. Let me know if that's a helpful thought, useless, or already part of the process. :)

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Edit: Also works without the mods, but the rocket launcher is not equipped in that case. Attempting to create a simpler test case with the base game in a fresh 10x10 world did not succeed.
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_autosave1 death to self-nuke then continue and altf4 before respawn equals crash.zip
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Re: [0.18.17] Alt-F4 equals crash while dead

Post by Rseding91 »

Thanks for the report. It's now fixed for the next release.
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