[Rseding91] [0.17.79] Crash on loading map targetdeserialiser.cpp

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[Rseding91] [0.17.79] Crash on loading map targetdeserialiser.cpp

Post by bNarFProfCrazy »

Factorio 0.17.79

How to reproduce:
1) Load the given map without any mods.
2) The game (always) crashes to windows

Additional information:
If you load the map with the mods it won't crash the game, the mods can be downloaded from the mod portal.
I used that map with multiple different mods at different times for a long time.

The map only contains lab tiles and a chest with a few items I deposited there to reproduce another crash (Server crashes if external player places his last (concrete) tile, I will create another post for that bug, once I have a minimally reproducible setup)

EDIT: I was able to reproduce the other bug, you can find it here:
(943.6 KiB) Downloaded 11 times
(908.16 KiB) Downloaded 8 times
(8.88 KiB) Downloaded 15 times

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Re: [Rseding91] [0.17.79] Crash on loading map targetdeserialiser.cpp

Post by Rseding91 »

Thanks for the report. It's now fixed for the next version of 0.17.
If you want to get ahold of me I'm almost always on Discord.

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