[Allaizn] [0.17.79] Cliff removed although shown as not colliding

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[Allaizn] [0.17.79] Cliff removed although shown as not colliding

Post by Impatient »

When trying to place blueprints, cliffs colliding with entities in the bp are outlined in red, while hovering the bp over an area. Like so:

factorio_bug_cliff_removal_1.jpg (53.63 KiB) Viewed 525 times

In the above case, as I wanted the cliff to be part of my wall, I moved the bp one tile to the right, so the cliffs are not shown to collided with the wall pieces in the bp. Then it shows me this:

factorio_bug_cliff_removal_2.jpg (59.59 KiB) Viewed 525 times

But when I place the bp, the cliff still is marked for destruction. Like seen here:

factorio_bug_cliff_removal_3.jpg (61.69 KiB) Viewed 525 times

I would expect the cliff to be shown as still colliding before placing the bp or the cliff not marked for destruction after I place the bp.

This is not much of a nuisance in most cases, as one would like to remove the cliffs anyways. Just in case of a walled defense line it is, as cliffs are used as indestructible "walls".

I encountered this a lot of times already. To an extent, that I reverted to build manually close to the cliffs. I just never made the effort to write a report. But this time I died shortly after :? and when reloading the autosave, I remembered that this time I have the perfect save to show this. :D

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Re: [Allaizn] [0.17.79] Cliff removed although shown as not colliding

Post by Allaizn »

Thanks for the report, it's now fixed for the next release.

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