[wheybags][0.17.79] String "Hints" not localizable

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[wheybags][0.17.79] String "Hints" not localizable

Post by valneq »

During the NPE, you are given different objectives in the top left corner. They come with collapsable hints, labelled "Hints". This latter string does not appear as a localizable string in the new-tut-map.ini file on Crowdin, nor in the core.ini or the base.ini. It is always displayed as the English string, even when the game is using a different language.
To me this feels like a bug in the NPE: It should use a string that it pulls from locale files and this strings should be available on Crowdin for localization.

Good example is the string "Objective" in the title of that very window. It is available as a localizable string in core.ini with ID gui-goal-description:title (or at least I believe this is the one displayed in the NPE).

There are other strings in the new-tut-map.ini like quest-hints:heading, quest-hints:heading-all, or quest-hints:expand-hints. However, they appear to not be used for that window. I am almost certain they used to be used for that window, but for some reason this changed somewhere along the way.

Is all that intended and am I just missing a piece of the puzzle?

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Re: [0.17.79] String "Hints" not localizable

Post by PyroFire »

Confirmed this is not a localized string.


Code: Select all

    type = "label",
    style = "frame_title",
    caption = "Hints"

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Re: [wheybags][0.17.79] String "Hints" not localizable

Post by wheybags »

Thanks for the report. Fixed for the next version.

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