[posila][0.17.61] Incorrect item sprites at certain zoom levels

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[posila][0.17.61] Incorrect item sprites at certain zoom levels

Post by aegamesi »

1. I started up the game and loaded my save file, then zoomed out the view.
2. Certain item sprites became incorrect. Red science looked like lubricant, stone and coal have some blue and yellow respectively, copper plates became green.
3. I was expecting everything to have the correct item sprites at every zoom level.

I closed and reopened the game and it continued to happen.
I created another save and the issue was still present.

You can see this from the log, but I'm on macOS 10.14.6, with an AMD Radeon R9 M370X graphics card.

The attached videos are better demonstrations of the issue, but the screenshot below illustrates it as well: the belt above the red science assembler is full of red science, and the belt below is full of copper plate:
factorio zoom glitch 1-0001.jpg
factorio zoom glitch 1-0001.jpg (878.08 KiB) Viewed 1110 times
factorio zoom glitch 2.mp4
(5.6 MiB) Downloaded 79 times
factorio zoom glitch 1.mp4
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Re: [posila][0.17.61] Incorrect item sprites at certain zoom levels

Post by posila »

Thank you for taking the time to post the bug report.

Fixed for 0.17.62

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