[Dominik][0.17.52]Crash when mining fluid powered reactor placed by ghost

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[Dominik][0.17.52]Crash when mining fluid powered reactor placed by ghost

Post by bobingabout »

I'm working on a modded reactor powered by a fluid. I placed two by hand, then 2 with ghosts, and robots placed them.

I noticed that fluid wasn't flowing into the 2 placed by the robots, so I went to pick one of them up, and got this crash.

It would seem that when a robot places the entity, pipe connections aren't being made.

I'm not ready to release or show off the actual mod that originally caused the error... but here is another mod from back when I was experimenting with steam powered entities that adds a steam powered reactor. it causes the same bug.
place a bunch of steam reactors in a (vertical) line using bots, then try to mine the middle one. (the error doesn't seem to be guaranteed, but happens most often when the mined entity is one placed by a robot connected to two others, one placed by hand with fluid in it, and another placed by a robot.)
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Re: [Dominik][0.17.52]Crash when mining fluid powered reactor placed by ghost

Post by Dominik »

Hi, good report. I fixed it, quite easily, but those energy sources might need a bit more attention in the future. We will see.

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