[0.17.42] Crash when placing train blueprint

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Burner Inserter
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[0.17.42] Crash when placing train blueprint

Post by navry »

I placed one train by blueprint (1:2), then tried to put a locomotive at the end (opposite direction) by using the same (rotated) blueprint, crash. The wagons were overlapping, there was enough room on the straight rail.
Noteworthy, previous attempt was successful.

tried to repeat the scenario. When the wagons overlap and I left-click, crash. Shift+left-click, ghost is placed, locomotive gets built.
While only ghosts are present, a correct "Cargo wagon ghost is in the way" message is shown. Once the train is built, attempting to place blueprint (of a carriage of any type) results in a crash.
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Re: [0.17.42] Crash when placing train blueprint

Post by Bilka »

Thanks for the report, fixed for the next version.
I'm an admin over at https://wiki.factorio.com. Feel free to contact me if there's anything wrong (or right) with it.

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